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    The reinforcement processing shed literally means that it is the place where the reinforcement is straightened, bent, welded and other processing operations are carried out on the construction site. In order to meet the construction requirements, the reinforcement processing shed is generally arranged within the range of convenient feeding and tower crane, so as to facilitate the storage and processing of reinforcement, as well as the warehousing and transportation in the later period. So what do you need to know about setting up the steel bar processing shed?
    The steel bar processing shed in the prior art is generally of the steel pipe erection type. A plurality of steel pipes are buckled and erected into an integral steel structure of the processing shed by using fasteners. The two ends of each connected and reinforced steel pipe are respectively fixed between the two steel pipes forming the steel skeleton, and then a layer of color steel plate is laid on the top. The nodes are connected by bolts. The height and length can be flexibly adjusted and configured, and are removable, which can be recycled for a long time.
    Then, several vertical steel pipes are welded on the four steel pipe beams of the steel structure, and then the horizontal steel bars parallel to the steel pipe beams are fastened with the vertical steel pipes in the same row through fasteners to form a fall protection railing. After that, a safety banner is hung, and the entire steel bar processing shed is completed. Through high-pressure welding, it is firm and durable, with electrostatic spraying, anti-corrosion and rust prevention, and it will not fade for 5 years.
    The length and width of the steel bar processing shed shall be designed according to the building construction protection standards. The size of the steel bar processing shed shall be determined according to the number of steel bars processed on the construction site and the number of machines used. Generally, the number of steel bar butt welding machines, cutting machines, bending machines, straightening machines and other equipment and processing lines shall be arranged according to the construction plan; It is also necessary to consider the turnover and stacking of some reinforcement raw materials and processed reinforcement; And the site construction site, electricity and other conditions.
    Therefore, the span of the reinforcement processing shed is generally 12~18m, and the length should be greater than 30m as much as possible. Generally, there are 6 * 12m, 9 * 12m and other types of sheds. They can be used according to the specific situation on site, or they can design their own length and width to meet the 24-hour construction requirements and effectively save construction costs. If you have any doubts or needs, you can come to our website at any time http://www.grdsbi.cn Consult!


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