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    Since the construction quality of woodworking shed will have a great impact on the safety of later use, the following construction points should be paid attention to during the erection of woodworking shed.
    (1) Before construction, a detailed construction plan for the woodworking shed shall be prepared. At the beginning of construction, the roads on both sides of the woodworking shed shall be leveled and widened, and drainage ditches shall be set to ensure smooth drainage and adapt to the crane station and hoisting.
    (2) If there are many optical cables and power lines within the foundation construction scope of the woodworking processing shed, the relocation scheme of optical cables, power lines and other equipment, as well as relevant protective measures, should also be formulated to ensure construction safety and equipment safety.
    (3) During the construction of the woodworking shed, attention must be paid to fire prevention during the welding operation. If there is wind, the wind deflector must be set up to prevent sparks from splashing and causing potential safety hazards. At the same time, no sundries, reinforcement, formwork and other materials shall be stacked on the woodworking shed to prevent fire.
    (4) The positioning and setting out shall be carried out according to the requirements for the spacing and row spacing of rectangular pipe poles in the woodworking shed, and the base plate shall be laid stably and shall not be suspended. At the same time, the extension of rectangular pipe upright shall be connected by butt welding, and the butt welding of upright shall be staggered.
    (5) When paving the roof of the woodworking shed, work above the existing line, and pay attention to the safety of working at heights. It is strictly forbidden to accidentally drop any machines and materials to damage the line equipment. Meanwhile, grounding measures shall be set on both sides of woodworking shed through steel pipe column.
    In addition, after the woodworking shed is erected, the construction unit shall first organize the leader of the safety leading group, the safety officer, the quality inspector, etc. to carry out acceptance. After the self inspection is qualified, the woodworking shed shall be submitted to the supervision unit for acceptance. The woodworking shed can only be used after the acceptance is qualified. More relevant content will come to our website http://www.grdsbi.cn Consult!


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