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    The use of the construction site enclosure can not only isolate the construction site from the surrounding environment, but also keep the environment intact and achieve civilized construction. So, what problems should be paid attention to during construction?
    The installation of construction site fence shall not hinder the normal passage of traffic roads and pedestrians, and shall be neat and stable to ensure that the construction site can be isolated from the outside world. Before fence installation on construction site, traffic guidance signs must be made in advance to allow pedestrians and vehicles to pass normally. At the same time, special staff should be assigned to maintain traffic order and avoid accidents.
    Construction materials and sundries shall not be stacked in the surrounding area of the construction site, and shall be kept clean and tidy. The disorderly stacking of building materials and sundries will have a certain impact on traffic and affect the image of the city. Generally, it is required to place the materials in the designated area.
    After the installation of the fence on the construction site, warning signs shall be set up nearby to slow down and watch out for the signs of vehicles. In addition, guardrails are also used around the site for maintenance and fall prevention. Please do not approach.
    The installation of construction site enclosure can reduce the dust diffusion and noise impact, and also improve the safety of the construction site. However, in the external environment, the construction site enclosure will cause a certain degree of obscuration to people's vision. In order to prevent accidents and strengthen the safety of pedestrians and vehicles at intersections, the construction site enclosure has strict requirements on height and width.
    The building construction fence needs to be maintained by special staff to prevent problems and keep the fence as clean and tidy as possible. Dismantle and clean the site as soon as possible after the completion of the project. Follow us http://www.grdsbi.cn , learn more!


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