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    PVC enclosure is generally used in various construction sites and municipal construction, because it can well isolate the construction site from the external environment, and it is easy to install, solid and durable. It can ensure the safe insulation of pedestrians outside the construction site to isolate the noise and dust on the construction site.
    There are many places where PVC fences are used, such as municipal works, urban roads, docks, airports, station squares and other areas. In some important places, the height of PVC guardrails should not be less than 2.5 meters. PVC enclosure is generally bright in color, smooth in surface and regular in appearance, so it is more eye-catching and beautiful.
    1. PVC must be firm, stable, clean and beautiful. Hard materials such as masonry and color steel plate shall be used. Colored stripes, bamboo fences and solid clay bricks are not allowed.
    2. In areas affected by deep foundation pits, color steel plates should be used for walls of dense buildings.
    3. The unit using enclosure structure for construction shall conduct regular inspection. When there is a danger of breakage, collapse or overturning, corresponding reinforcement measures must be taken immediately.
    4. The enclosure of building area and living area is generally not less than 2.5m in urban area and 1.8m in other places.
    5. The height of PVC enclosure shall not exceed 2.5m, and the spacing between two rows shall not exceed 3.6m. The wind resistance of building envelope must be calculated.
    6. Do not place advertisements or signs, such as color steel plates, on or near light enclosures. If it is really necessary to install, the power system must be independent and calculated by design.
    Some places use PVC enclosures, such as construction sites. These places may be private areas, so it is necessary to isolate the interior and exterior. The main purpose is to prevent pedestrians from entering, ensure the safety of materials and accessories at the construction site and avoid unnecessary trouble. Many related matters come to our website http://www.grdsbi.cn Consult!


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