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    Around the foundation pit, the balcony without guardrail, the platform without materials, the awning, the canal, the roof without external scaffolding, the floor and the water storage tank all need to be installed with edge protection fence. What are the requirements for edge guardrails?
    Adjacent protective railings must be installed at the stair opening and stair side of the layered structure, and when approaching the construction, the top stair opening should also be equipped with formal protective railings.
    Boundary protection fence shall be installed on both sides of construction elevator, derrick, scaffold and building passage. Safety shield shall be installed on the upper part of the grounding channel. Note that the center of double cage mast passage shall be separated and closed. In various straight transmission and reception channels, in addition to the protective fences on both sides, the channel entrance shall also be equipped with a safety door or movable protective fence.
    Requirements for the use of boundary barriers: boundary barriers need to be east-west oriented and finally determined, and the standard size and connection method should meet relevant requirements.
    The protective enclosure is welded by upper and lower crossbars, frames and internal vertical pipes or meshes. The upper pole is 1.1-1.2m above the ground, and the lower pole is 0.5-0.6m above the ground. When the length of cross bar exceeds 2m, special installation is required. Column.
    The protective fence shall be closed with safety net from top to bottom. Toe boards with a height of 18 cm or more shall be installed at the lower part of the railing, and red and white or black and yellow warning paint strips shall be painted on the toe boards.
    The guardrail device must be firm, and the connection between the enclosure surface and the cross bar should be able to withstand 1000N impact in any direction. When used on both sides of the material receiving channel, a safety net must be added from the top to the bottom.
    When border guardrails are used near streets, in addition to the guardrails, the open exterior walls must also be covered with safety nets to completely close. For more information on related matters, please come to our website http://www.grdsbi.cn Consult!


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