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    The construction enclosure is an important part of safe and civilized construction. The color steel plate enclosure can not only guarantee the management and property safety of the construction site, but also beautify the environment and make the construction go smoothly. The construction scheme of color steel plate enclosure explained by Jinan enclosure manufacturer is as follows:
    1、 The color steel plate enclosure is made of blue light sandwich color steel plate, with a thickness of 50mm and a height of 2m. The top and bottom of the color steel enclosure are respectively provided with a 10cm high steel trough coping and a steel trough supporting bottom. A steel column anchored to the ground is set every 2.9m, and the lower base of the column is 50cm × 50cm × For the 50cm C25 concrete foundation, the four corners of the steel column base plate are connected and fixed with the concrete foundation by expansion bolts, which can not only reduce the land occupation, but also ensure that the color steel enclosure is stable, neat and beautiful.
    2、 The materials used for construction enclosure shall ensure the enclosure safety and environmental protection. On the construction site of municipal engineering project, the construction unit shall not pile construction materials, garbage and engineering waste outside the fence of the construction site. This will not only affect the city appearance, but also may collapse. In the area approved for temporary occupation, construction materials or machines, tools and equipment shall be stored, stacked and unloaded in strict accordance with the approved area and nature of use. A fence higher than 1m shall be set around the temporary area.
    3、 The color steel plate enclosure wall uses advertising cloth as decorative material, and the advertising cloth reflects the corporate culture or safety production slogans. The color steel plate enclosure slogans mainly include: project name, name of each participating unit, complaint telephone announcement, safe and civilized construction language, corporate culture language, etc. The advertising cloth is white on a blue background.
    The adjacent fence can be embedded into the column slot through the channel steel on both sides of the fence and fixed with self tapping screws. The foam sandwich panel is beautiful in appearance, bright in color and good in overall effect. It integrates load-bearing, heat preservation and waterproof, and does not need secondary decoration. It is widely used, especially for temporary facilities on the construction site, such as offices, warehouses, fences, etc., which reflects the civilized construction of modern construction sites. Especially in the aspect of rapid installation and use, it has obvious advantages in the aspects of detachable and reusable index of materials.
    The key to the safety function of enclosure and the embodiment of good external image lies in daily maintenance. Arrange a group of personnel for maintenance. More information about the enclosure can be found on our website http://www.grdsbi.cn Ask and understand!


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