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    The processing shed can be seen everywhere on the construction site. It can play a protective role on the construction site. It has many kinds, such as woodworking processing shed, reinforcement processing shed, distribution box processing shed, and channel processing shed. Although they are all processing sheds, their functions are somewhat different. Let's take a look at their functions respectively.
    1. Reinforcement processing shed: there are two kinds of reinforcement processing sheds, one is two sheds with track movable letters, and the other is standardized reinforcement processing, generally using double row columns or single row columns.
    2. Woodworking shed: similar to channel processing shed and reinforcement processing shed, it is mainly used for the protection of personnel and machinery in the woodworking area on the construction site.
    3. Passage processing shed: It is used to protect the passageway for construction site personnel to enter and exit the floor, which can well prevent personnel from falling from high altitude.
    4. Distribution box protection shed: the distribution box protection shed is divided into the first class and the second class general distribution box protection, which is generally enclosed by railings to prevent electric shock and other accidents when non electricians approach.
    5. Small machinery processing shed: prevent workers from being injured by small machinery during operation.
    6. Processing shed in the smoking area of the tea pavilion: it is a place for workers to rest.
    The above are several types of processing sheds on the construction site, each of which plays a key role in preventing the occurrence of hazards and providing good protection. You can come to our website if you have any questions or needs http://www.grdsbi.cn Ask about it!


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