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    There are different types of edge guardrails, and more and more applications. Many consumers will find that the price of edge guardrails is high or low when they buy them. What does the price of edge guardrails relate to? Next, I will introduce the factors that affect the price of edge guardrails.
    The edge guardrail is welded with a vertical pipe or mesh on the frame. It is also called site guardrail, safety guardrail, construction guardrail and edge guardrail due to different geographical names. The edge guardrail can not only be used for foundation pit edge protection, but also be used for floor slab edge protection and separation of people and vehicles. It has beautiful appearance, strong resistance, and is not afraid of wear and rain. It can be reused, so it is used in more and more occasions.
    Mesh: the net hole value of the mesh is calculated according to the length and width of the mesh, and the number of metal wires required for the mesh is calculated according to the net hole value. Then the formula=weft, mesh length, warp and mesh width is applied to accurately calculate the length of the wire used in the mesh.
    Freight: As we all know, the farther the distance is, the higher the freight will be. The quotation of each logistics is not uniform. You need to ask more questions to find the right price.
    Processing cost: processing cost generally includes labor cost and surface treatment cost. The manual cost is generally calculated according to the standard of mesh. The smaller the hole, the higher the manual cost; Surface treatment: the cost of surface treatment shall refer to the cost of local dipping, spraying and galvanizing.
    Profit: After accounting costs are excluded, the manufacturer's quotation is profitable. Generally, the manufacturer's profit is controlled between 20% and 30%. If it is higher or lower than this range, specific reasons should be asked to avoid losses.
    Factors affecting the external environment:
    Seasonal factors: the price of fence is different in different seasons; Economic factors: take care of the economic environment of the power grid manufacturers at that time; Data element: this is the main element, a very important element; Market element: different wholesale stores often have different prices.
    Weight: The higher the weight is, the higher the product price is. The weight and price of the edge guardrail are usually in direct proportion.
    Materials: There are two commonly used materials, galvanized pipe and iron pipe. The price of galvanized pipe is higher than that of iron pipe.
    That's all for the factors that affect the price of edge guardrails. If you have any questions about this, please come to our website http://www.grdsbi.cn Look, the relevant personnel will serve you wholeheartedly!


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