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    In the customization and construction of the construction enclosure, the height of the on-site enclosure is also required, and reasonable use can achieve better results. The enclosure manufacturer of the project will share with you the requirements for the use of the height of the construction site enclosure.
    According to different construction sites, the height and material requirements of the enclosure are different. Today we will first learn about the height. Common construction enclosure scenes include important urban road sections, airports, docks, stations, including the current epidemic prevention areas, and the height is usually 1.8 meters to 2.5 meters or more.
    When building, the height of the enclosure is also related to the height of the building. The conventional enclosure construction also needs to be set around the site to ensure that there is no gap, fastening and stability.
    Use of materials at the construction site: when selecting materials, it is necessary to reasonably select materials. The wall thickness and diameter of the steel pipe should reach 80 * 80, and they should be reinforced by basic diagonal bracing and back bracing.
    The enclosure can be constructed with steel plates and U-shaped pipes. Self tapping screws can play a role in fixing, and galvanized iron wire will be set in some specific enclosure intervals to prevent the impact of strong wind and enhance the wind resistance of the enclosure.
    The setting of columns and cross bars is mainly for fixing and overall positioning. One column and cross bar can be set every 3.15 meters around. The steel column base plate is also fixed with expansion bolts at four corners.
    The connection between the boards of the enclosure and the boards must be firm without gaps. It is good to set up a red light at the enclosure, which is convenient for warning at night. More relevant content will come to our website http://www.grdsbi.cn Consult!


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