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    Now the woodworking shed is a necessary item in every building construction area, and it protects the safety of workers at the construction site. But do you know the woodworking shed production process? The manufacturer gave you a detailed introduction.
    1. Woodworking shed shall be set for on-site reinforcement fabrication, woodworking, air compressor, small machinery and tools, etc.
    2. The height and width of the shed shall meet the operation requirements. The shed column shall be firmly fixed by means of burial or bolt anchorage.
    3. The shed shall be strengthened by keel or tied by cable wind around to ensure sufficient strength and safe use in typhoon and other disastrous climates.
    4. Safety warning slogans shall be hung on the roof of the shed, and signs such as safety operation procedures shall be hung inside the shed.
    5. Special signboards shall be set in the shed to hang copies of work permits, technical disclosure and other materials of special operators; Special boxes and cabinets shall be set up to store the labor protection, operation tools and instruments of operators.
    6. When the shed is within the radius of falling objects or within the slewing range of the crane boom, the roof of the shed shall be covered with double-layer 5cm thick wooden boards, with an interval of 0.6m between the upper and lower layers.
    7. The woodworking shed for strong noise equipment shall be closed and equipped with sound insulation boards to reduce noise, and the strong light equipment shall be provided with light pollution prevention measures.
    8. Generally, the subway construction site is narrow, and double decked shed, push-pull shed, or combination can be used according to the situation when it is difficult. Special design shall be carried out for erection to ensure adequate strength of the shed.
    Although the woodworking shed can protect the safety of the construction site to a certain extent, the wage staff should pay more attention to it. I hope our introduction can help you. Enterprises that need woodworking sheds can contact us http://www.grdsbi.cn !


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