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    There is no need to talk about the necessity of the safety application problem of the construction enclosure, so as to prevent the temporary brick construction enclosure from collapsing and other potential safety hazards, resulting in redundant safety production accidents. Different technical measures are adopted for each. Next, Jinan enclosure manufacturer will talk about the manufacturing process and engineering construction regulations of the construction enclosure.
    Fabrication process of construction enclosure:
    The two components of various raw materials should be put together, and they should be fully mixed. Then the time and temperature should be well controlled, and the paint should be sprayed on the steel and aluminum profiles for production and processing. The next step is to improve the sealing of the materials in the aluminum profiles, and connect them together to become the construction fence. Additional corrosion-resistant raw materials are added on the surface of the construction enclosure to avoid the possibility of corrosion.
    In this way, the information not only shows that the construction enclosure has the function of firm, stable, clean, tidy, beautiful and generous air, but also ensures the safety factor and service life of the construction enclosure.
    Engineering construction regulations for construction enclosure:
    1. The project enclosure is to do a series of early projects well in advance under the condition of construction enclosure installation. For example, some flowers, plants and trees for landscaping are planted in other areas, so that after the installation of municipal engineering enclosures, they are firm, not easy to fall to the ground and prevent them from being blown down by the wind, thus causing safety production accidents.
    2. The closed end of the road shall be set with the sign of "construction ahead, vehicle bypass". The safety warning signs of "Beware of falling" shall be set at the two sides of the pipe trench, the side of the deep foundation pit and the pedestrian passage crossing the pipe trench,
    3. The installation of municipal engineering enclosure must be carried out on the premise of not endangering the safety and driving of non motor vehicles. After the installation of the project enclosure, the construction site and the exterior must be completely protected to avoid risks caused by non motor vehicles.
    After the installation of the project fence, please assign full-time personnel to carry out patrol outside to maintain the discipline of road trouble caused by the installation of the construction fence. Pay attention to the fact that it is strictly prohibited to place irrelevant items such as dirt around the municipal project fence. Raw materials should be placed in specific areas to prevent damage to the appearance of big cities and even production safety accidents. Come to our website for more information http://www.grdsbi.cn Consult!


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