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    One of the functions of edge guardrails is to avoid and reduce falling and object strike injuries. Therefore, there should be a certain range of external force impacts that the edge guardrails should bear. How much external force impact should the edge guardrails bear? Next, the manufacturer will introduce relevant information to you.
    When the length of the crossbar is more than 2m, the railing column shall be added. Nets used to prevent people and objects from falling or to avoid and mitigate falling and object strike injuries at the construction site are collectively referred to as safety nets. The safety net mainly includes horizontal net and vertical net. The safety net is installed in the horizontal direction and used to bear the vertical load of people and objects falling; The horizontal load installed in the vertical direction is used to prevent people and objects from falling.
    The railing used for edge protection is composed of railing column and upper and lower cross bars, which are called handrails. The height of the upper crossbar from the ground is 1.0 × 1.2m, the lower crossbar is 0.5 above the ground × 0.6m。 The protective railings for edge operation shall be able to withstand 1000N external force impact.
    Regulations and fabrication requirements for construction edge guardrail posts:
    1. The column adopts 40 × 40 square tubes, 30 for the outer frame of the protective fence × 30mm square pipe, steel mesh in the middle, steel wire diameter or section not less than 2mm, base Ф twelve × Four expansion bolts are firmly fixed to the ground.
    2. The vertical pole of the protective railing is 1200mm high, and the standard length of each level is 1900mm. A 200mm high red white or black yellow toe board is set at the bottom.
    The protective railings are composed of two upper and lower cross bars and railing posts. The height of the upper bar from the protective surface shall not be less than 1.2m, and the height of the lower bar from the protective surface shall not be less than 0.6m. When the length of the cross bar is more than 2m, railing posts must be added. For the roof with a gradient greater than 1:2.2, the height of the upper bar of the protective railing from the protective surface shall not be less than 1.5m, and a cross bar shall be added with a full safety vertical net.
    The protective railings at places where people pass or cross construction are located below shall be closed with dense mesh safety nets, or a tight and firm toe board with a height of no less than 180mm shall be set below the railings. The protective railings and toe boards for protection shall be painted with striking yellow and black paint.
    Through the above introduction, we believe that we have an understanding of the edge guardrail and can provide a reference in the process of purchasing the edge guardrail. You can come to our website to learn more about edge guardrails http://www.grdsbi.cn Consult!


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