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    At present, construction enclosures are indispensable in various projects, such as urban subway construction, urban road construction, engineering buildings, etc. How about the quality of construction enclosures? Next, Jinan enclosure manufacturer will explain it to you.
    1. Special inspection. In combination with the testing conducted by a third-party organization or the manufacturer is required to provide testing documents, the regular enclosure manufacturers will have Enclosure Inspection Report and obtain the certification of the quality management system ISO9001:2000.
    2. The quality of the construction enclosure depends on the quality of the board. The quality of the board can be distinguished from the position of the cut by hand. The more the deformation is, the normal thickness of the PVC board is generally more than 0.7 cm or 0.8 cm, which is related to the proportion of the raw material resin powder.
    3. After the construction of construction enclosure, check whether the connection between plates is smooth and whether the straight line is in a straight line; It is required that there shall be no gap between boards, that is, no construction can be seen outside the site. Red lights are set along the fence or safety reflective cones are used for warning at night.
    4. During installation. Whether the color of the signage is consistent. Ten boards in each file, and the color, brightness and texture of qualified construction enclosures are consistent. If the color is different, it is largely made of recycled materials.
    With the increase of market demand, there are more and more manufacturers producing and selling enclosures, and the price and quality are also different. To identify the enclosure quality, we should seriously consider the above four methods to identify the construction enclosure quality, which we can use when selecting and purchasing, and we hope to help you select the desired product. http://www.grdsbi.cn


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