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    The woodworking shed is designed to protect the construction personnel at the construction site. Steel pipes are used as the support frame, bamboo sticks, bamboo fence boards or waste templates are used to cover the woodworking shed to prevent smashing, or high-voltage lines and other things passing through the woodworking shed are protected. Next, we will talk about the safe construction setting of the woodworking shed.
    Generally, the double-layer protection is to increase the safety factor. The steel bar processing shed and the safe passage are both woodworking sheds. Some woodworking sheds are built in the office and living areas covered by tower cranes. The woodworking shed is a necessary passage for operators or pedestrians during the construction process, and the woodworking shed for passers-by is double-layer.
    Starting from the cantilever of the cantilever scaffold, a woodworking shed shall be set every ten meters to better ensure the safety of people walking under the woodworking shed. During the construction, pay attention to the protective measures when setting up the woodworking processing shed. The construction personnel shall carry out the construction according to the construction requirements. The woodworking processing shed shall be set up at the location of the outdoor mixer, the site concrete mixer, the winch shed, the reinforcement shed, the wood shed, some entrances and exits and the site toilet.
    Safety technical disclosure shall be conducted before installation and removal of horizontal protection. High altitude operation personnel shall receive special technical training and examination, and take up their posts with certificates. The steel pipes, fasteners and other materials used in the woodworking shed shall meet the requirements of JGJ130-2011 Technical Code for Safety of Coupled Steel Pipe Scaffolds in Building Construction and relevant standards.
    When installing and removing the horizontal woodworking shed, the operator's "three safety precautions" shall be complete and used correctly. When erecting and dismantling the woodworking shed, it shall be avoided to work up and down at the same time and stagger the operation time. When installing and removing the woodworking shed, all materials and tools shall be stacked at least 2m away from the outer edge of the building, and the stacking height shall not exceed 1m.
    The dismantled materials shall be delivered to the ground and transported away in time, and it is strictly prohibited to throw them at high altitude. When building and removing the woodworking shed, a warning area should be set on the ground and a special person should be assigned to monitor it. When building and dismantling the woodworking shed, a specially assigned person shall be assigned to command.
    The management personnel shall pay attention to the eyes, legs and mouths, and take effective safety protection measures to deal with the dangerous situations and ensure the safety of personnel. In rainy and windy days, the erection and removal of woodworking shed shall be suspended, and the quality of woodworking shed shall be inspected and maintained.
    After the woodworking shed is erected, it can be put into use only after being accepted by the full-time safety officer. Safety technical disclosure shall be conducted before erection and removal of horizontal protection. Follow us http://www.grdsbi.cn , explain more relevant contents for you!


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