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    The construction fence is especially suitable for linear construction sites such as road construction and bridge construction, as well as civil construction sites with deep foundations. It plays a positive role in protecting the safety of pedestrians, vehicles, personnel and property, dust prevention and noise reduction, and beautifying the city's color steel walls. Next, Jinan enclosure manufacturer will explain more information to you.
    Single functional form The current enclosure selection is more inclined to the traditional simple enclosure, which is easy to install, dismantle, low in cost, and recyclable, but it is not beautiful, often does not take into account the green environmental protection, and the security is not strong enough. During my investigation, I saw that the street facilities were not well fenced, which had a great impact on the surrounding areas.
    The cement enclosure is mostly replaced by the construction enclosure. It can be used continuously for more than 10 years. Even if it is repeatedly loaded, unloaded, transported and disassembled, it can turn over for more than 5 times. As long as it is used once, 80% of the cost of the brick concrete enclosure can be recovered. If it is used more than 5 times, only 25% of the cost of the brick concrete enclosure can be recovered each time.
    The color steel sandwich plate is used as the wall for the construction enclosure, and the metal square tube or angle steel is used behind the enclosure framework. The metal square tube is made into a shaped tripod for support, and the zinc angle iron or expansion screw is reused for fixing the tripod with the plating construction enclosure in progress.
    The construction enclosure has good stability, strong wind and rain resistance, anti toppling ability, beautiful and neat, no deformation, convenient for installation, removal, transportation, reusable, and low cost. The construction fence is reused, the construction fence is more flexible, the construction fence is easy to remove, and the construction of the construction fence is cleaner.
    The multiple advantages of the construction fence affect the widely used content. That's it. You can come to our website at any time for any doubts or demands http://www.grdsbi.cn Consult!


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