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    The construction site enclosure refers to the measures to isolate the construction site from the external environment, so that the construction site can form a relatively closed space, including the use of various masonry materials to build the enclosure structure, and the use of various forms of metal plates for curing. Next, Jinan enclosure manufacturer will explain to you.
    The construction site enclosure shall be set with continuous and closed enclosures as required, and provide safety protection facilities for the construction of multi-storey and high-rise buildings. The fence height shall be set in the main sections of the urban main fence. The fence height of landscape roads, airports, docks, and station squares shall not be less than 2.5m, and the fence height in other sections shall not be less than 1.8m.
    In the actual production process, the construction site enclosure may not be installed smoothly. Sometimes there are trees and sometimes there are corner restrictions. Therefore, we can better highlight the advertising effect of the construction site enclosure. It is necessary to make a suitable construction site enclosure according to local conditions.
    The materials used for the construction site enclosure shall ensure that the enclosure is stable, clean and beautiful. The construction site of municipal engineering project can be fenced in stages according to the progress of the project, or unified continuous fencing facilities can be used according to regulations.
    The construction unit shall not pile up construction materials, garbage and project residues outside the enclosure. In the approved temporary occupied area, construction materials or machinery and equipment shall be strictly stored, stacked and unloaded according to the approved occupied area and use nature. A fence of more than 1m shall be set around the temporary area.
    The above contents are the relevant knowledge points about fencing that the manufacturer explained to you, and I hope they can help you. You can come to our website for more information about fencing http://www.grdsbi.cn consulting service


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