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    In order to meet the requirements of the current construction site layout and the needs of civilized construction, we need to build various woodworking sheds on the construction site. In order to facilitate disassembly and transportation, improve the turnover frequency, and fully reflect the effect of energy conservation and emission reduction, we need to master some methods and requirements when building on the construction site.
    1. The strength of structural members shall meet the requirements of safe use
    The steel column is made of 100mm100mm6mm square steel, the upper load-bearing structure is made of truss steel beams, the beam members are D573mm, and the connection between the wing plate and the foundation is made of 10mm thick steel plates. The bolts are high-strength bolts with a diameter of 12 mm and the column bases are high-strength bolts with a diameter of 18 mm.
    2. Good integrity, high overall strength
    High strength bolts are used for connection. After installation, it has good overall stability, strong wind load resistance and top load resistance, and is firmly fixed to the ground with low vibration impact and high strength.
    3. Few nodes, convenient installation
    Compared with the traditional fastener scaffold, it has fewer connecting nodes, high strength bolts and convenient installation and operation.
    Standardization: meet the requirements of production standardization. The standardized assembly, installation, color matching and structural reliability meet the standardized requirements. From the actual installation and use effect on site, the visual quality has reached and can fully display standardization, and the effect is very good.
    Standardization: the industrialization, finalization and standardization of products can fully demonstrate its standardization, meet the basic requirements of protection, and reflect the characteristics of convenient use, neat layout and beautiful appearance.
    After the introduction of the characteristics and requirements of the processing shed on the construction site, do you have any ideas? You can come to our website anytime http://www.grdsbi.cn consulting service


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