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    The PVC fence is mainly used in the reconstruction project of the user's municipal road. The road section with PVC fence shall not be too obstructive, or it will be ordered to be removed. If the fence is set in the main road section, the height shall not be less than 2.5m. If the PVC fence is only set in the general road section, the height shall not be less than 2.0m.
    If the fence on the side of the road is too high, it will block the observation line of sight of the pedestrian passage and motor vehicles on the road, which is not good. In the main sections of the city, all kinds of vehicles keep driving. If drivers and pedestrians do not pay attention at all times, it is easy to cause accidents and irreversible consequences.
    After the completion of the project, many construction sites failed to remove the enclosures in time, which seriously affected the lives of citizens. After the completion of the project, the maintenance and cleaning work of the construction team will be reduced, and a large amount of garbage will be produced at the construction site, which will affect the appearance of the city and will be punished by the relevant management department. The odor emitted by the waste after corrosion and the mixing of various wastes will produce harmful gases, which will endanger the health of the surrounding residents.
    PVC baffle shall be firm, stable, clean and beautiful. The materials shall be brickwork, color steel plate and other hard materials, instead of color strip cloth, bamboo fence, clay solid brick, etc., and red light warning shall be set for municipal road works; Within the influence scope of deep foundation pit, PVC enclosure shall be used in densely populated areas.
    The PVC enclosure in the construction area and living area is generally no less than 2.5m in the urban area, and no less than 1.8m in other places.
    The height of PVC enclosure should not exceed 2.5m, the spacing between columns should not exceed 3.6m, and the enclosure should be calculated for wind resistance.
    PVC enclosure foundation shall be designed and calculated according to national standards and specifications. The hollow bucket wall should not be used for masonry, and its thickness should not be less than 200mm. PVC enclosure shall be provided with concrete pilasters, and the spacing between pilasters shall be no less than 5.0m according to the design requirements. Walls and pilasters should be set to 2 Φ 6@500 Tie rod of reinforcement.
    The users of PVC enclosure shall check regularly, and take corresponding reinforcement measures immediately in case of cracks, settlement, inclination and other dangerous situations. The billboard shall not be erected close to the lightweight fence (such as PVC fence). If erection is necessary, the stress system shall be designed and calculated independently.
    So far as the important points of PVC enclosure are concerned when it is firmly installed, you should take safety into consideration when using it. For more information, please come to our website http://www.grdsbi.cn Consult!


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