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    The processing shed is very necessary for the application of modern society, especially in the aspect of architecture. It is mainly used to provide a determination for the stability of construction and to determine the normal progress of the project. Description of woodworking shed erection scheme:
    1. The woodworking shed shall not only meet the specifications and use requirements, but also be rainproof, windproof, smash proof, clean and beautiful, and hung with building safety slogans.
    2. The woodworking shed erected around the slewing radius of tower crane and buildings shall be equipped with double-layer hard protective ceiling.
    3. The roof and side edges of the woodworking shed are blue, and protective railings are set on both sides of the long axis to close them. The protective railings are painted with red and white (black and) and warning colors. Both ends of the processing shed shall be painted with building signs and the name of the processing shed.
    4. On one side of the processing road and the construction road, a warning sign of "Beware of mechanical damage" is hung below the right side of the reinforcement processing shed.
    The steel bar processing shed adopts a portal frame structure with sliding function, and the single side pillar adopts double row pulleys. The width and length along the railway direction need to be determined. In addition, the sliding processing shed has great advantages over the conservative fixed processing shed. The sliding processing shed reduces the overall size of the shed. While saving the amount of section steel, it also provides conditions for the overall lifting and removal of the shed, In order to shorten the construction period, the construction difficulty and the stability risk of on-site stability control are also reduced.
    The key point is that the sliding scaffold has stable operability and convenient construction, which is worthy of promotion and application in the construction of existing railways. Then there is the installation of the processing shed. The conservative processing shed is cantilevered on the scaffold with steel pipes, and then pulled back on the main body of the building with steel wire ropes, which not only limits the length of the cantilever and the area of the cover, but also brings hidden dangers to the stable use of the scaffold.
    This is the end of the use of woodworking shed and reinforcement processing shed. If you have any questions, please come to our website http://www.grdsbi.cn Consult and understand!


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